Smart Charging FAQ

  1. What are the technical specifications needed for home charging? The technical specifications for home charging installation will vary for each individual customer based on their desired home charging location and home information (i.e. year home was built, attached or detached garage, existing 240V line, etc).
  2. Where do I purchase the KEBA & Standard Installation Package? Customers should contact their Mercedes-Benz or smart dealership to purchase the KEBA & Standard Installation Package.
  3. What is the warranty on the KEBA Charging Station? The KEBA Charging Station comes with a two year limited warranty. Bosch provides a three year installation warranty.
  4. How long will it take to charge with the KEBA Charging Station? The smart Electric Drive charges in approximately half the time of an ordinary outlet when using the KEBA 30 Amp Charging Station.
  5. Can a 240V plug be added to the KEBA Charging Station? No. Modifying the KEBA Charging Station will void the warranty.
  6. How long does the installation process take? Each installation is unique and varies among customers. The length of installation will depend on your availability for a Bosch Certified Electrical Contractor (CEC) to visit your home for a no-cost onsite assessment and to provide installation services.
  7. What is a Bosch Certified Electrical Contractor (CEC)? The Bosch Certified Electrical Contractor Network consists of hand selected professional electricians. Bosch CECs undergo extensive background checks, are fully licensed and insured, and participate in continuous training to provide industry-leading residential EV charging station installation services.  Additionally, Bosch CECs are local to you and thus highly familiar with local electrical codes as well as electric vehicle charging incentives.
  8. If the standard installation package does not cover the whole installation, how can the customer pay for the additional amount that will be due? The customer is responsible to pay Bosch directly for any amount due over the standard installation. Bosch accepts all major credit and debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. 
  9. How can I learn more about the smart Electric Drive? To learn more about the smart electric drive, visit the official smart Electric Drive website.