Plugless™ Level 2 EV Charging System (3.3kW)

The Plugless Level 2 EV Charging System offers a more convenient and reliable way to charge your EV. Simply pull into an equipped parking space and let the Plugless L2 System do the rest –wirelessly – no cords to untangle and no plugging in required. It’s a completely hands-free technology. As you pull into your parking space, the wall-mounted Control Panel guides you over the Parking Pad. Once aligned, your EV begins charging automatically!

System Components:

  • The Vehicle Adapter houses the receiving coil for the wireless charging process and is permanently installed underneath the vehicle. Vehicle Adapters are specially designed for each EV model.
  • The Control Panel houses the electrical components of the station and is hard-wired to a dedicated 240V 30A circuit. This component provides power to the Parking Pad. It also provides parking guidance and charging status information to the driver. It is installed on the wall directly in front of where the EV user parks.
  • The Parking Pad houses the transmitting portion of the system and is installed on the floor of the garage or parking space.

Be one of the first 250 EV drivers to go Plugless for only $1,998†, $1,000 off the introductory price of $2,998!

Bosch will coordinate the installation of the Plugless L2 System, including the Vehicle Adapter. Ready to go Plugless?  Register online or call Bosch at 877-805-3873.


†EL-51339 (Volt) $2,998.00 or EL-51340 (LEAF )$3,098.00, price listed in USD and does not include applicable taxes, shipping, or installation and is subject to change without notice. Price listed includes vehicle adapter basic installation.
Purchase Price
$1,998.00 -
EL-51339 (Volt) or EL-51340 (LEAF)