Power Max™ 16A / 12 ft Cord

It's never been so affordable to quickly and efficiently charge your electric vehicle. Utilizing Bosch expertise in household appliances and automotive solutions, the Power Max 240V charging station is UL-certified and is designed to safely charge electric vehicles. Power Max is the perfect solution for all indoor and outdoor electric vehicle charging needs. 


  • 12 foot cord makes charging in tight spaces easy
  • No-touch operation, making charging as simple as plugging the vehicle in and walking away
  • NEMA 3R enclosure for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Standard safety features including a cord breakaway system and non-live current wire
  • Visible LED indicator, eliminating the question of whether or not a vehicle is charging
  • On/off switch to completely shut off power to the unit and ensure no power is consumed

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Price listed does not include applicable taxes, shipping or installation and is subject to change without notice.
*3 year warranty when installed by a Bosch Certified Contractor, 1 year warranty without installation
Purchase Price
$449.00 USD